I always read with interest just how much effort people go to when it comes to watermarking their images, and how upset they get about the possibility of them being ‘stolen’. I am of the opinion that if you don’t want your images used anywhere else then just don’t put them online. Simple really. I have recently started watermarking my images but in a discrete way as I don’t like watermarks that detract from the image itself. I post my photos online because I like to share them, I like that other people are looking at them and and hopefully enjoying them as much as I do.

There was an article in the news today about images that people had pinched from other sites and tried to have people think they were images of the storm over New York. They went into detail about how you can check if an image is the real deal or if it has been grabbed from elsewhere. I got to thinking about my own images and decided to have a look and see if any of mine have made it out into the rest of the internet world.

So I fired up google images and did a search or two of images from my most popular posts according to the site stats. Immediately I found one of my tiger images on about four other sites. Not only had they taken the image but they had altered it by adding text etc to the image. I am flattered that they think it is good enough to use on their sites but I would like credit for the photography. So I have politely asked for them to link back to my site. I doubt it will happen but there is always a chance that they will respect wishes.

None of the images I post online are suitable for use for anything other than a website as the resolution is way to low for print work. I have no intention of providing anyone with a printable image until silver has crossed my palm. I am not doing photography to make money, I am doing it because I enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean I am going to give it away either. If anyone is interested in purchasing a print of any of my images feel free to contact me.

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