I changed the format and layout of my blog this morning and when I tried to write this post it was nigh impossible to get in!  Eventually I managed it as you can see but it is going to take some getting used to. 

This afternoon’s post is a bit of a mixed bag bird wise. I started the day with the Tui posing for me. He was merrily singing away giving his best angry bird face as he was doing it. He follows a routine when he comes to the feeder, so is very predictable in his movements which makes it much easier to photograph him.

After that the waxeyes were playing about but as soon as I got the camera out they had flitted off. I waited a while but didn’t manage to get any of them in flight. This one posed for the camera and then was gone.

The sun popped out for a bit so we went for a drive to see what was happening at the inlet. We counted six Kingfishers out and about but of course as soon as I got out of the car they started to disperse. It was too cold and nasty out there to wait for them to come back. I did manage to get this fellow in the tree.

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