IMG_4279-blogYesterday was a brilliant Spring day with the sun shinning and warm. It was a perfect day to go for a walk in the bush to check out  the venue for a wedding I am doing early next year.  It was a beautiful setting with birds singing in the trees, tuis flitting from branch to branch, a magic place for an awesome event.

IMG_3999-blogWe just about walked past this Kereru (Wood Pigeon) and it was so engrossed in its feeding off the new shoots on the trees that it let us get really close to it before taking offense to having it’s photo taken and moved off. I was surprised to see it wasn’t the flowers that it was eating but rather it was the new leaves, new shoots that were obviously juicy and tasty.

IMG_4054-blogOne stand out feature in any New Zealand bush is the fern fronds. There are many new fronds uncurling themselves towards the sunshine and they make great photos. Today is a recovery day for me and a good excuse to watch the America’s Cup race.  Watch this space tomorrow for the return of the back yard birds!


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