I was watching an episode of House on TV last night and it was all about a woman who blogged constantly. Her every move was blogged and decisions were made based on the comments she received from followers. It was a little sad that she was so addicted but the whole idea of blogging intrigued me. I wanted a blog and I wanted it right now!

First I had to come up with a topic to write about. Well that part is relatively easy, I am a recreational photographer. It is a hobby I am passionate about and I hope am reasonably good at, but you can make up your own mind on that later on when you have seen some of my images. Anyway I have photography as my topic, now I needed a name for my blog. ‘Camera Shakes’ was the first name that came to mind. My hands shake constantly so avoiding camera shake is always a challenge – but it just didn’t sit right as a name.

So I slept on it and this morning I have come up with ‘Portrait of a Photographer’, because the words I intend to write are really going to form a picture of my life with my camera in the mind of the reader. A portrait with words about my life as a photographer. At least that is my intention – do let me know if it works.

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