It was only yesterday that I was complaining of boredom with the waxeyes, but then it rained this morning and they were still out at the feeder getting breakfast! The rain put a whole different perspective on the shots so I just couldn’t resist. The image below is part of the feeding frenzy from this morning at the feeder, the rest of the images are all shot in the rain, so any little lines you can see are actually rain drops falling.

I can hear waxeye chicks calling again so I suspect we have a nest near by and a new hatching of chicks. Hopefully I will get another chance to photograph them being fed by the parent bird again. While I managed to capture it with the last two chicks, I am not totally happy with the resulting images. The background is just a bit messy.

The blackbird chicks have left the nest (or at least one set, there is still another full nest of chicks in the driveway). One of the chicks decided to check out the house yesterday and waltzed on in through the doors, tried to climb the curtains before using both the curtains and the carpet as a toilet. I was not impressed! I guided the young blackbird back outside three times before I just gave up and gave it a mat to sit on. It left about an hour later.

My son in Australia asked me the other day if I had an aviary now. He had skimmed my blog and seen the many bird images. After correcting him I got to thinking that what I have is so much better than an aviary. I have wild birds in my back yard that enjoy spending time there. I get to photograph them whenever I want and so long as I don’t get too close or move to fast they all tolerate my being in their space. It is pretty cool!

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