All week the weather has been beautiful and I have been sitting in an office working. This afternoon it decides to rain!  Not impressed. I am lucky though as I do have the backyard birds to keep me amused.  This afternoon a couple of tui popped in for a drink along with a whole bunch of waxeyes.

One tui was not impressed when the sugar water ran out and I didn’t immediately jump up and refill it.  I stood in front of him with the camera and he sang his loudest angry bird song right at me. He just doesn’t seem to mind that I am so close, he just wants the feeders filled!

I took advantage of the low light and the rain to play around with the higher ISO settings on the camera. The 550D would not have coped well at all in today’s light but the 7D seems to have managed pretty well. I am happy with the resulting images and the lower level of noise than I would have had with the older camera.

The images in this post are all about the tui, but I have some of the waxeyes too. They will be in tomorrow morning’s post, so watch this space for some angry bird cuteness!

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