Ok I admit it, I get a little obsessive about my photography. Right now the obsession is on Kingfishers. But it is the obsessive part that allows me to get the images I want, it gives me focus and determination to improve all the time. I did it with the Waxeyes, and be warned, I am not finished with them yet, and I am now doing it with the kingfishers. Both birds are small and fast and thankfully a lot of what I learned with the waxeyes, I can apply to the kingfishers.

The main lesson learned in both cases is patience. I have never been good at it and get bored very easily, but I can also be stubborn and it is that characteristic that I am using with these little bullet birds. I know what can be achieved and I am determined to get there no matter how long it takes. I might get (well do get) frustrated at times with one thing or another but I am not about to give up until I get what I want.

Having learned just how close I can get to the kingfishers with using the car as a hide, I am not really trying anything else at the moment. Eliminating the birds fear of me has given me a huge advantage that I am not about to give up easily. When I have exhausted all the possibilities with this spot then I will look at some other form of portable hide so that I can do the same elsewhere without the car.

In this set of images I moved away from the sweet spot on my lens and tried to blur the background out more. It would have helped if I could get down lower but that is not possible so I have to compromise in other areas. I am happy with the results so far.

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