Are you bored yet?

img_9742-blog3Three days in a row but honestly these are just the cutest wee birds and it is very hard not to post more of their images.  These ones are a bit more of a close up look at the Shore Plovers and I was pleasantly surprised at how much detail I had managed to capture.img_9589-blog3I promise this will be the last post in this sequence, I might have taken a lot of photographs of them but three posts is enough – even if they are one of New Zealand’s endangered birds.  I have packing to do!img_9710-blog3I am leaving the husband and father-in-law to their own devices on Thursday to fly to Brisbane to my grandson’s first birthday.  I can’t believe it has been a year since he arrived. It  has been such fun going shopping for clothes for him to take with me, his Mum and Dad gave me his wish-list.  img_9575-blog3When I get back I hope to have lots of interesting Australian landscapes to show you.  I am not taking my bird lens!  Not sure how I will cope without it but it will be a challenge, and we all know I am always up for a challenge!img_9403-blog3img_9422-blog3

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