One stop that is irresistable is the meercat enclosure. They are just too cute for words and are always there posing for their photos. People say they are standing guard over their territory but we photographers know different. Meercats just love having their photo taken. Why else would they look sooo cute and stand sooo still?

The meercats at the Wellington zoo are in for a treat sometime in the future because the zoo is building a brand new enclosure for them. It is almost finished by the looks of things and has some awesome glass viewing panels of the underground sections of the enclosure too. I look forward to seeing the meercats in it.

Animals and birds are not the only things to photograph at the zoo either. This next image is a part of the roof of a hut that is currently under construction in one of the new enclosures. I liked the lines and texture of it. It pays to look around to see what else is there that we often don’t notice.

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