It didn’t take long for the tides to get back in line with my work hours and allow me more opportunities to continue my obsession with the kingfishers. Late afternoon seems to be when they are most active.  I am sorry if you all get bored with them but until I have the shots I want, or the best I am capable of, then I am going to continue to keep trying to improve. My poor camera struggles to keep up but so far it is getting me close to what I want to achieve.

I managed to get a bit closer again this time and the kingfisher wasn’t overly worried. In the time I was there he only came over to the branch twice, but each time he would fish for about five or six crabs before heading off to another area. It is my belief that after that many hits the crabs get smart and hide for a bit until the kingfisher is gone. Regardless those few minutes are frantic for me and I am happy to wait for them!

I had a closer look at the crabs this time because I figured there must be a good population of them to support the kingfishers the way they do. I was really surprised at just how many there were in one very small area. There is enough crabs there for a whole army of kingfishers! It is no wonder the birds find it such a great place at low tide.

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