This morning we went exploring around the area that we are staying. There is a track through the bush at the bottom of the garden that leads past the mangroves and to an old unused railway track. The track is now used as a walking track and short cut to town. I was torn between having a wide angle lens for the scenery and a zoom lens for the birdlife!  In the end my poor long suffering assistant (hubby) decided I had to choose one lens and stick with it. So I chose the zoom.

I shot a couple of birds that I can’t identify, so if anyone knows what these two birds are it would be greatly appreciated. The green one is a similar size to a thrush and the other bird is as small (or smaller) than a finch and is very quick darting about the trees. I am very curious as to what these birds are.

Just before lunch we went down to the first of the waterfalls that we planned to visit, Haruru Falls. We weren’t able to get very close to them at the bottom and I wasn’t overly fussed about going to the top of the falls, so the resulting images are not what I was hoping for but there is always another waterfall  🙂

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