Yesterday I did a portrait shoot using my strobe lights, so the camera settings were set for those conditions when I put it down last. I didn’t give it a thought when I saw the tui in our kowhai tree this morning. It was all I could do to change the lens fast enough and get a card in the camera before the bird flew away!

So I am hand holding my huge lens (which I never do due to the weight) and shooting frantically trying to capture the tui with really slow shutter speed compared to what I would normally use, the F stop no where near the sweet stop for that lens and the ISO way down at 100. It’s dull outside, almost raining and I am kicking myself now.

The tui was there for about another five minutes before it looked me in the eye and flew off. It wasn’t until it had left that I thought to look at the settings I had it on. Bad I know, I need to be way more careful about leaving the camera in its usual state when I put it away. So I have had a wee play with the results and I am happy enough with them to post them here in this blog but I know they could have been so much better!

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