IMG_2113-blogThe usual recipe is to put the beanie on the baby’s head to keep them warm but in our case young Lucas is so small he went inside the beanie completely!  This was just a fun shot to show just how small he is – I know I go on about this but you have to know that none of my babies were under eight pound at birth, so Lucas really is small by those standards.IMG_2099-blogHis Mum and I had big plans for photos of him but unfortunately Lucas was a little too aware of what we were up to and did his level best to mess with our plans.  These sort of shots are better done with a brand new baby, not one who is over six weeks old and wise to his Nana’s tricks and didn’t much like being a pea in a pod.IMG_2117-blogAnd yes we forgot to remove the lint from his feet before taking this shot, but in our defense his feet are so small it was hardly visible. Tomorrow we will be back to the birds again.

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