Photographing birds is something I really enjoy doing. It is also something that frustrates me endlessly! Birds have a habit of moving when you don’t want them to which makes getting a sharp clear shot so much harder. I use a Canon 70-300 lens usually for my bird photography and while I have managed to get some awesome shots, there are times when it is too short and I just can’t get close enough to the birds without spooking them.

Today was no exception, every time I got to a distance that I was comfortable with the darn birds flew away! So here are the fly away shots of the day 🙂  After we gave up on the birds (they all flew away) we headed into town and bought a new lens. I now have a Sigma 150-500mm lens and I can’t wait to try it out. Maybe tomorrow 🙂

So these images are my before shots and hopefully soon I will be able to post some taken with the new lens. Watch this space!  Oh and another piece of good news… I placed 2nd in the Fauna section of the Tiritiri Matangi Island Photographic Competition with one of my Bellbird shots from my last trip there.

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