Today the sparrows were hanging around the feeder almost as much as the waxeyes, though they do know their place in the pecking order – they come third after the tui and the waxeyes.  The waxeyes are very stroppy about who gets to feed first and will often fight it so much that someone else will sneak in while they are busy scrapping!



My aim today was to capture birds in flight regardless of the weather. I did manage it but only with the sparrows as they are a little bit slower than the waxeyes and somewhat larger. The one waxeye I did get was totally blurred out to the point where I actually like it regardless.


The tui popped in a few times this afternoon but I will keep those shots for  another post. I am still getting my head around the new system and may do a few extra posts until I get it right first time every time.


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