The power went off at about 11.30am this morning and killed a lot of my plans for the day. So after cooking lunch on the camp stove I tossed out a couple of left over crusts to the birds. It was raining with gale force winds, so I really didn’t expect the birds to be out – I was wrong. Within minutes there were sparrows and chaffinches flitting about the trees.

I also have a banana hanging in one of the trees with cut out windows in the skin. The waxeyes really love banana, so much so that even they came out in this foul weather. So what could I do? I just had to get out the camera. I was also suprised to see the waxeyes drinking rain drops off the tree branches.

Five hours later I finally got to see the photos that I had taken. The light was really bad making it hard to get a good shutter speed on the camera but I am happy with what I achieved. I had fun and that is the main thing!

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