Yesterday it was all about colour, tonight black and white is the topic. The first is of a fence over the back of the park. I have no idea what it was fencing off but clearly they didn’t want anyone climbing over it. I like this image because of the lines and curves, the cute little spiders web and the contrast between the wire and the iron of the fence.

This next image is the gate to what used to be a pretty little winter garden. There was a glass house with native ferns and plants growing in it, a fish pond full of very large goldfish and water lillies, and all sorts of little flowering shrubs growing under the ponga ferns. Now the pond is empty, the glasshouse gone, and the area where the garden once was is all locked up with the padlock on the gate. Sad really that vandals have forced the closure of this public place, I hope that one day the garden is reinstated but for now it’s just an unused empty space.

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