Blake is 8 weeks old today. A little old for a new born shoot, and not quite old enough to enjoy holding his head up and be comfortable on his tummy. In fact being on his tummy was his least favourite thing to do! I think Blake decided early on that he wasn’t really into this whole photo thing, so he really wasn’t interested in looking at the camera or anything else for that matter. His mum tells me he is full of smiles now but we didn’t see many of them when the camera was at the ready.

Working is babies is a challenge, but one that I enjoy. I am still learning what I can do with them photographically as I really haven’t had the chance to photograph very many. That is until now, there are a few more on the way too so practice time is coming. What suits one baby is not always going to suit the next. Some look cute in baskets, others don’t. Girls can be faries and can be covered in flowers, but boys are a little different.

Blake was a trouper and let me work with him for nearly two hours (with breaks included) so I have a lot of photos to process over the next few days. I will post a few of each segment as I do them, so watch this space!

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