Wouldn’t you know it, the long weekend is at its end and now the sky is blue. It has rained all weekend and with the prospect of going back to work only hours away the weather finally takes a turn for the better. How unfair is that?

I decided to stay indoors today, it was too cold and nasty outside to even try to get out taking photos. I had planned on going through my archives clearing out any rubbish files I have saved over the years. The files from my new camera are so much larger than the previous ones and are going to be fililing up my hard drive very quickly if I am not careful.

It’s hard to know sometimes, what to keep and what to throw out. Some of them could be improved with editing but do I really want to go to those extremes? I have always said that a good photograph is one that doesn’t need huge amounts of editing to make it good, and I still stand by that but I just can’t bring myself to hit the delete button that easily.

So I just delete a few and fool myself into thinking that I have tidied up my files a bit and I can always do more next time I sit at the computer – but will I? These days I find myself using the laptop more and more so that means much less time to clean up old photo files. It will happen, just not any time soon.

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