Back when my children were younger there were no digital cameras, so I didn’t get huge amounts of photos of them. Developing the films were beyond my budget back then so photography as a hobby was out of my reach. Now my children are adults so the opportunities to photograph children are few and far between. I have to be patient and wait for grandchildren to appear but the chances of that happening anytime soon are pretty slim.

Today one of my son’s friends visited with her young son. He told me he was three full halfs old but really he is three and a half years old. He is one cute little guy who has definite ideas of what he will and won’t do. He took a fancy to some mega blocks that we have and when I asked him if he could build me a house he immediately went for the instruction book for plans.

So anyway I had a small window of opportunity to photograph Brogan and getting him to smile for the camera took some reverse psychology. Tell him not to smile and we get a cheeky grin – I will settle for that. It may have been a short photoshoot but small children don’t have huge attention spans.

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