IMG_8994-blogThe Wellington region is the only place I have lived where there is such an abundance of tui.  Today we have a tui singing in our back yard by the feeder and another one out the front in the kowhai tree. We can drive down the road which is lined with kowhai trees and see numerous tui flying about and feeding on the nectar.  With all the native bush about and the Zealandia sanctuary in Karori, it appears that there is sufficient food about for their numbers to continue to increase.IMG_8927-blogIt is kind of ironic though, that I traveled to Zealandia to photograph the birds there and ended up taking photos of tui doing the same thing they would be doing in my own back yard.  I just can’t help myself, if a bird presents itself in front of the camera, I am going to photograph it – no hesitation. It is almost instinctive now, it happens without a huge amount of thought – at least for the first couple of images.  Then the brain kicks in and checks the settings etc.IMG_8479-blogThe first two images in today’s selection were taken at Zealandia during yesterday’s brief visit there and the other two were in my front yard.  We have a dwarf kowhai tree in flower next to a red maple which gives a the images lots of colour.  IMG_8497-blog

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