I know I should do it, I always tell myself to do it but I always seem to forget and almost always regret that fact!  Today the sun is shining so adjustments on yesterday’s ISO settings were duly made, but I forgot the F stop!  I had been trying to get several waxeyes in the one shot and had changed the F stop to get more of them in focus and didn’t return the camera back to it’s usual settings.  Suffice to say that after the bird had flown away the mistake was found and corrected.


Yesterday was just amazing with the tui coming so close, I am stoked about the images I managed to get and none of them needed to be cropped very much at all. It was that close!  Today I have realised that it is a different tui to the usual one because I have had them both visit today. Each has their own routine and each has different limits as to how close they will let the camera get.  One of them is quite aggressive towards the waxeyes even attacking one of them in front of me.


It is very easy now to know when the tui is getting close enough to photograph. Everything goes quiet and all the waxeyes and sparrows retreat high into the trees.  The second the tui leaves the feeder they swoop in like there is no tomorrow.  I have seen the waxeyes chase off the sparrows but never the other way round, so there is a very obvious hierarchy amongst the birds.



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