There were a huge number of white-faced herons at the inlet today. Not sure if it was the hot weather or just the right low tide but there were lots of them. Unfortunately I disturbed a few of them without realising it as they were hiding down in the reeds and as I walked past they took flight. I am better at the reaction time though and managed to capture some of the departures.

I was surprised to see that one of the white-faced herons was a little different to the rest. I didn’t get a great photo of it or I would have shared it here, but instead of having a white face, its whole head was white. I hope to go back another time and get a better shot of it.

I saw what I thought was swans and sygnets in the distance so we jumped in the car and drove around to where they were. Not swans at all! Canada Geese were swimming about in the shallow water with a whole heap of goslings. I am not sure if it was two or three families but they were all intermingling in the same area. The goslings looked rather funny, adult bodies and baby feathers.


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