I am not sure which has been more fun, shooting these images of processing them. I didn’t realise just how many costume changes they had in that short space of time – until I saw just how long it took. The whole afternoon seemed to go so fast but it in fact we played dress-ups for four hours! My models are going to be very pleased with the results I am sure.

After the fiasco with the strobe lights my husband and I decided it was time to go shopping. I do so love shopping online 🙂 My old lights have lasted me many years so it isn’t so hard to realise that they have probably done more than they were desinged to do. I bought cheap and struck it lucky – I am hoping this time I am just as lucky. I have ordered a new set of lights but these ones are a higher wattage than the previous ones and are probably more suited to the work I do. I can’t wait for them to arrive now so I can try them out.

Which leaves me with a sad old set that still has a little life left in them. So if anyone is interested in them, and perhaps has the know-how to repair them make me an offer. They come with a stand each, 75w modeling light and 110w flash. As I said the cycling time has slowed right down on them – anything up to a minute between shots.

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