The weather may be dreary but the view outside our window this morning is anything but. Groups of waxeyes bouncing around the tree branches, tui singing at the top of his voice and even the odd sparrow joining in the party.

It is almost a year since we started feeding the birds in our garden and in that time we have had the pleasure of watching and photographing lots of different birds. My favourites are still the waxeyes and the tui.  I would be over the moon if we could get fantails but they are insect feeders and I am not sure how to encourage them here.

I do enjoy having these birds to practice on when I can’t get out to the kingfishers. Yes I am still obsessed with kingfishers but I am getting a little more particular about the light and weather when heading out to them now. I have plenty of so so shots, now I want great ones and they take planning.

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