The weather report said we would have wind, but nothing about rain. However ain is just what we got. It was heavy and combined with the wind, a good excuse to stay indoors. Unfortunately for the waxeyes, indoors isn’t always an option. They decided that food was more important and flocked to the feeders in numbers.  They looked like little drowned mice bouncing around the trees soaking wet.


I tried to capture their wet look in these images but I don’t think I quite got it. In reality they were much funnier!  The weather also set the mood for many of them, there was a lot of aggressive behaviour happening.  I wish I was faster with my reactions because I always seem to miss the best spats.


This next image had me laughing at the indignant look. Here you have a waxeye pretending to be an owl with an owl’s attitude!  Very cute but not quite big enough to work as an owl.





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