IMG_8251-blogI had plans for today but the weather let me down.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better but either way I am happy with today’s set of images.  I got a little bit creative with the placement of the bananas today in an effort to stop the sparrows from pigging out on them.  We have observed that if the bananas are hanging then the sparrows tend not to go for them, however if they are flat on the feeder they will demolish them as quick as look at them.IMG_7845-blogToday the waxeyes got the bananas to themselves and they obviously enjoyed them. They were bouncing all over the trees in huge numbers despite the windy conditions. In fact the wind allowed me to capture some lovely shots of their feathers all ruffled up.  We also had lots of visits from the tui today. Early this morning we were out working in the garden and clearing the gutters when our resident tui bought his mate to meet us.  She wasn’t so keen on having us around so didn’t stop long but it was great to see the two of them together.  Hopefully they will bring their young to the feeder are well.IMG_8235-blog
IMG_8013-blogNestcam update:  We now have three eggs.  Mother thrush is staying reasonably close to the nest now, so I have to be careful about when I photograph the eggs.  As soon as she starts sitting I will have to resort to the camera through the window set up. IMG_8826-fb

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