In the past if we wanted to display our photos we would get them developed and then carefully put them into a photo album for safe keeping. Over the years we would accumulate many albums each covering a stage in our lives that was important. These days however with digital photo files our options are far greater.

There are digital frames where you can have a selection of images rotating through at 3 or 4 second intervals. How awesome is that? Each time you take some new images you can change what is in your frame so that it is always displaying the most current photos. You can get your favourite photos printed on teeshirts, caps, teatowels, jigsaws, calendars, mugs, bags and even birthday cakes, and it doesn’t stop there! There are way too many options for me to list them all here.

I am enjoying the ability to produce my own photobooks. I have photographed several family events and then created hard cover photobooks as a record of the event. The books become something that can be left on the coffee table, or in the bookcase and are not going to fade with age the way a photo does. And we are totally spoilt for choice as to where to get our photobooks from. I have tried several different websites that produce them and have two or three sites that I use often. Certainly worth giving it a go, the software is free and the prices are usually quite reasonable.

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