dog agility

Dog Agility Competitions

One of the good reasons for being a member of a camera club, or the photographic community is that when someone sees an event that will provide photographic opportunities, they share the information.  Without this, I would not have know that only a couple of kilometres away from where I live were all these delightful dogs competing against each other. Sometimes I think the dogs had already decided who’s turn it was to win each round, as they clearly had a mind of their own when it came to completing the course correctly.  Those who did the course correctly were a pleasure to watch and those who just didn’t listen provided the entertainment for the day.

This was an exercise in learning my camera and focusing on fast moving objects.  Not quite as fast as kingfishers, but fast all the same.  Yesterday I went to Zealandia and really struggled with the focusing, so after researching on the internet I changed some of the settings before going out today. One small change made a huge difference and each time I learn something new about this camera, I like it a little bit better.  When I can shoot a kingfisher in flight then I will consider the move from the DSLR to the Mirrorless complete.  I am not there yet.

Today’s short trip to the park with the dogs was an excellent opportunity to try and get pin sharp eyes and facial features on the dogs while still conveying the sense of movement in the image.  I could have done better if I had payed attention to my settings and the speed of the shutter but I was just so pleased to be able to shoot action with a long reaching lens without being hampered down with a monopod etc that I just enjoyed the experience.  It’s good to be getting out with the camera again.  Next week I am off to the PSNZ Central Regional Convention in Whanganui, so hopefully I will have lots of images to process and share with you, when I get home from that trip.

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