Content Warning:  This blog post contains images that may be challenging for those without an open mind. If this is you then please do not read this post.

Take one outgoing model with great acting skills and give her the brief that the red balloon is an alien that is wanting to devour her and the following images are the result of a morning’s fun. Please note that no balloons or models were harmed in the making of these images. The model did enjoy the shoot even if the images show otherwise.

Our model was asked to give us great facial expressions as the red balloon was slowly filled with air and consumed her body within its growing volume. She was absolutely fantastic to work with. You can see the air tube in the image above, this has been removed out of some of the images but rest assured it was there the entire time.

Starting to look like a jaffa girl, or something out of the ‘Chocolate Factory’ our model is being slowly consumed by the alien balloon.


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