This afternoon it was bitterly cold in the shade but out in the sun it was rather nice. The birds certainly were enjoying it – we had huge numbers flitting about the trees.


I was sitting working at my computer when I head a thud on the window. Instantly thinking it was one of the birds flying into the glass I turned to see if it was all right and there staring at me was a waxeye clinging onto the rubber of the window edge.  Now I know the feeders were low in food but I wasn’t expecting them to be so demanding!  It did work though, I filled the bowls for them.


I know it is winter and the cold confirms it but the birds are busy mating already!  I wasn’t quick enough with the camera today to capture the act for my set but I did see one cute couple preening each other in the sun. I am hoping this year I get plenty of opportunities to photograph parent waxeyes feeding their young. Last year I only managed a few and they weren’t the best quality. I think I have improved since then so have high hopes for this year’s chicks.



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  • BrianJune 25, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    Great images, every one. Lovely work, Toya


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