I checked the weather report – it said fine – I looked out the window and saw blue skies and sunshine, so I have to wonder where all the rain came from. It was like as soon as I take the camera out the rain comes down!

Well I beat the rain today, I had my coat and the camera had it’s coat and we went in search of kingfishers regardless of the rain. For a short time anyway, then the rain go too heavy for me to want to be there kingfishers or not.

We spied a boatshed that is up for sale while we were there and the thought of having ready shelter, a handy toilet and somewhere to wait out the rain bought forth all sorts of ideas. Not sure if they will go anywhere but there is an opportunity to set up a really good base for budding photographers like myself.

Some of these images you can clearly see the rain, others just a drab day. Regardless of the weather there were a lot of kingfishers flitting about so I am happy that I achieved something for the effort.

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