Two burlesque beauties (not the three that were expected) and lots of hats, feathers, masks and one photographer with a camera. That was the recipe we used today for a fun photoshoot. We had so many plans but when we got started things just didn’t go right. My studio lights are several years old now, and when I bought them they were probably the bottom of the range – or cheap and nasty. They have done so well for so many years I am really disappointed that they didn’t make the grade today. Their cycle time is getting slower and slower so there was often a long pause between shots.

We may not have had the perfect working studio set up but that didn’t stop us. For the first half of the shoot I was concentrating on face shots. Both of these girls have such pretty faces and I wanted to get some really good  close up shots. We also played with some masks that I had found at the local pharmacy of all places. I am getting quite the collection of props for these shoots, our spare bedroom is turning into a very large wardrobe!

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