IMG_3840-blogNew babies always mean lots of washing and one that suffers from reflux probably more. I couldn’t help but take this image of the clothesline with all of Lucas’ clothes hanging out to dry.  It’s not until you look at the size of the pegs that you realise just how small these garments really are.  None of my boys would ever have fit them! They were all monsters by comparison.IMG_3845-blogOne of the photos I really wanted to take of my grandson was that of a wee frog hat with him resting on his arms asleep. Mum was all set to hold his head in place for the composite image but alas sleep was not in Lucas’ plan.  He just wasn’t going to settle how we wanted him to so we didn’t push the issue.  Poor little guy probably thinks the camera is attached to my hand permanently, the amount of times it was pointed at him.  He’s lucky he is so far away or it would happen more often!IMG_3890_blogI have decided to post a couple of our group shots taken with the aid of a trusty tripod and timer. I don’t like my photo being taken that much so this is a rare thing and only happens for special occasions. As I am not able to spend much physical time with this family I have to have my photographic memories.  If anyone can tell me the lotto numbers ahead of time it would be appreciated so I can pop across to Brisbane monthly!IMG_3888-blog

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