Miss La Belle being interviewed by Sadie Von Scrumptious

Last Saturday night saw us at Frolic Lounge – a burlesque showcase from a graduating students from Miss La Belle’s Burlesque dance school (don’t forget to check her website!). Never having been to one of these shows I really wasn’t sure what I was in for photography wise and being the ‘official’ photographer of the night I wanted to do my best for the ladies. The lighting was pretty dire (from a photographic point of view) and the venue has seen better days but once the ladies stepped onto the stage all of that was forgotten.

I got to see ‘behind the scenes’ while the ladies were busy getting ready for the show. Nerves a plenty and pasties being frantically glued in place. It was an extremely hot evening and that made it very difficult to get the glue to stick to skin. However the show must go on and pastie or no pastie the dancers continued.

We were treated to delightful corsets, stockings, gloves, feather boas and so much more as each of the six dancers did their solo acts. The highlight of the night for many would be when those pesky pasties just wouldn’t stay stuck and instead of twirling they flew away! The art of tease is still alive and these dancers showed us just how it’s done. It was a most entertaining show!

I am looking forward to working with some of the burlesque ladies again and hopefully I can do some really cool pin up photographs with them. This is an area of photography that I am finding really challenging and until I have that ‘perfect shot’ I will continue to work at whenever the opportunity arrises.

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