Today has been kind of busy and the camera hasn’t come out at all. The birds demolished their banana in two hours flat and now they are making short work of an apple. They don’t even miss the camera! My husband has grown quite attached to the waxeyes and enjoys feeding them. He stands at the window and just watches their antics, not the same as photographing them but he is enjoying them all the same!
My selection of photographs for today have come from the pile of reject images. Those times when the birds just ignore my pleas to pose and do their own thing. They either turn their backs on me, or stick their bottoms up in the air or just fly off. Rather rude really when we are providing them with such yummy incentives to stay around.
Even though these images are my rejects, they tell a story. We can’t all be perfect all the time, sometimes you just need to do your own thing and turn your back on the world. The same can be said for the waxeyes in my garden.

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