So to continue from my last post, I was sitting waiting for the kingfishers, watching the antics of the white-faced herons when a couple of pied stilts flew in one at a time. Again it was one juvenile and one adult and again the adult bird was not happy about the juvenile being in its space. The adult bird attacked the younger one, at one point even trying to drown it!

The attack continued for about ten minutes in which time a spoonbill decided it was going to join the party. It wandered back and forth in front of me for simply ages – or it seemed that way. Then the kingfishers arrived. They didn’t seem to mind that I was closer, and I am guessing that is because I was there first and they were able to see that I was not a threat to them.

It amazes me how they can fly in and land on the branch without me seeing. They always seem to do it when I am distracted by something else or have my camera set for something else as happened last night. This time there were two of them flitting about feeding I clicked away for a bit before taking the time to correct the settings, not wanting to miss the shot. I managed to get a few that I am happy with, they would have been better if the sun was out so I could get better catch lights in their eyes but it was not to be.


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