I have spent many hours studying the behaviour and habits of the waxeyes in our garden. By doing so I am usually able to predict where they are going to go next and it allows me to capture the moment if I am quick enough.

Today, the wind was blowing, the rain coming down and it was cold!  So cold that I had the doors closed and when I saw the birds doing something different I had to shoot through the rain streaked glass to capture them. It was a new behaviour to me, I have not seen it before with the waxeyes.

They were grooming each other. One bird was busy grooming the one next to it then they would swap around and the other would take over. It was so cute to watch and I don’t think the photos do it justice but I was so happy to be able to get a record of it.  Now I know they do this, it is something else I will look out for.

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