Every day I have been photographing the birds in my back yard, though I have to admit I have been pretty much ignoring the sparrows and blackbirds of late. I now have an extremely high success rate with the photographs I am taking. It used to be maybe one in twenty that was ok, now it is more like one in twenty that isn’t ok! I am finding that I am getting more and more selective about which images I bother processing because there are so many of them!

Finally I have seen some of the waxeyes feeding from the nectar juice mix. It seems to be a last choice option for them when the bananas are all gone. With the orange pulp still there I doubt they will be looking at it for a while, they appear to like the oranges almost as much as the banana!

Look Ma no hands!!

The waxeyes are letting me get closer and closer to them with the camera without getting skittish like all the other birds in the neighbourhood. They are very trusting and I guess have worked out where the food is coming from. While I was out there with them this afternoon I had a visit from a Tui. He sat in the tree directly over head where it was impossible to photograph him from for about five minutes before heading off. I am hoping he was just scoping out the joint for a return visit. I would love to have the tuis as regulars in my garden as well.

So getting back to the topic from the beginning of this post. How many waxeye images is enough? Where do I draw the line? Or do I keep photographing them in the hope of always getting an improvement on the previous? At this rate I am going to need some very large drives for my computer!

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