One of the things that I have struggled with while photographing the Waxeyes, is capturing them in flight. They are very small birds and move really really fast!  So I end up with lots of images of bird on branch, then no bird on branch and I continually miss that millisecond in between when there is lift off.

So I try and anticipate their take offs using continuous shooting but alas, the same happens because my camera can only take 5 or 6 shots before it has to save and even then the bird can disappear between two of those continuous shots. They are just that quick. I have come to the conclusion that I have a need for speed!

A friend came to my rescue and has let me use her camera a couple of times. It is a Canon 7D and is built for speed. At 8 frames per second and bursts of way more than six shots, while still difficult it was possible to capture the take off.  I am now patiently waiting for the Canon 7D MkII to come out and I will then be the first to the store to purchase one.

And a cute sparrow shot to finish with 🙂

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