I hate to say it but I am getting a little bit bored with my current subject matter. That being the waxeyes. I love having them about but I think I have exhausted my creative juices regarding them for the time being. It is good that the Tui have now started visiting the feeder on a regular basis, as now I can start obsessing about them!

The tui are a different challenge all together as the perches that work so well for the waxeye are not so useful for the larger birds. They also tend to swoop in, grab their feed and then take off in a hurry to the highest tree they can find. Not useful for the taking of photographs!

 The tui that visited today was less aggressive and almost tolerated the waxeyes being about. Unfortunately the waxeyes have now learned not to trust the tui and took off every time it came close. Our new tui feeder arrived today so it will get put up some time over the weekend and that should give them their own feeding areas. I am not sure it will work but we can only wait and see. I suspect they will all use both feeders.

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