During the heat of the Summer the waxeyes were scarce and so for the most part were all the other birds in our garden. Today you would never have though that. The sparrows are bouncing around, the blackbirds are splashing about in the bird bath and the waxeyes are here in numbers like I have never seen before.

I am loving listening to the chirping and twittering of all the birds as I sit working at my computer. It’s better than having the radio on even!  I have established that this year’s waxeyes prefer their bananas to be hanging from a tree, not lying flat in the feeding house. They are happy to go there for the sugar water but will leave the bananas alone unless they are hanging.

I wonder if the kingfishers will miss all the attention. I might have to head over and visit them over the weekend. Hopefully the weather man is wrong and this sun will hang around for a bit longer.

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