Waking up in the morning and looking out at the view from our hotel room is just stunning, especially when the sun is just starting to rise. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to shut the blinds at night, why shut out such an awesome sight? Not long after I shot this image there were a bunch of hot air balloons off in the distance. Someone was enjoying a champagne breakfast in a basket! What an awesome way to start the day – we really must do it someday. Not this trip, but someday.

I have been taking all these photos from the hotel room window (which is the entire wall) from the 11th floor of the hotel and it has taken me three days to really notice just how grubby the windows are. It is amazing that the camera manages to see past the dirt and focus on the distant view and not the close up glass. If the sun were shinning on the window when I photographed it, I am sure it would be a totally different story.

Today has been a convention day and we have fully immersed ourselves into the con culture. Meeting up with friends, faces from many years back and making new friends. We have attended panel discussions about everything from elves and dwarfs through to online comic strips. We even managed to fit in a short burst of shopping to replace the smashed up suitcase. Tonight there is a bid party that we are going to attend (its 6.10pm now) after dinner and then if the weather is right I might manage to get in some night shots along the river. I will sleep well tonight!

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