I am always striving to improve my photographs and where possible that is in the camera rather than in post processing. I know that some post processing is always going to be necessary but if I can achieve the image I want in the camera I am always happier with the outcome. I share some of my better images so that I can get feedback from those who view them. This reinforces to me that I am on the right track with what I am trying to achieve.

So I get really confused when I post to different places and get way different responses. On Facebook there are a lot of photographers who’s opinion I respect and many of whom are also friends. When they tell me they like an image I believe them because I trust that they are going to be honest with me. On another site there are some excellent international nature photographers who are of a standard that I doubt I will ever get to. Sometimes I feel I am close, and then I will post an image to their site and they will find lots of negatives about it in their critique, then add a tiny positive to encourage me to do better.

In the beginning I felt I was learning a lot from them but now I just get depressed when my best image of the week or month is just knocked down. I paid to be a member on the site too, I won’t be renewing my membership when the time is up. There is just so much negativity a person can take. I am learning so much more just from picking up my camera every single day and using it than I have from reading lots of articles and looking at other peoples work.

I learn by doing, by making mistakes and finding solutions to the mistakes. I don’t show you the mistakes here but I am happy to say there are a lot less than there used to be. So thank you to all who read this blog and comment on my photographs both here and on Facebook, I am grateful for the feedback. I am learning more every day and I think I am just going to delete the links to that other site.

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  • AnonymousNovember 14, 2012 at 10:00 am

    I learned a long time ago that the only person that I needed to please with my photography was myself. If there was someone else out there that liked my shots too then that was a bonus. I take photos for my enjoyment. There are plenty of people out there that consider themselves righteous enough to judge another’s work. I’m not really interested in what these people have to say about mine. Toya, you are on your own road of creative photographic self-discovery. No one can take that experience away from you. It is yours to own.


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