Feeding the birds in the garden I am finding it really easy to get my photography fix each day. Today for instance the sun was trying hard and the wind was blowing hard but there were still birds willing to brave the wind to get the free food. It certainly wasn’t nice enough weather to want to leave the comfort of the house so having the birds come to me is great!

I tried something different today in that I didn’t put the banana in the tree. This time I sliced it in half length wise and placed it on the top of the chimney of our brick BBQ.  The birds were able to feed together easier and it bought them closer to the perches I wanted them on.

Since I put the banana out today there have been about three waxeyes feeding off it constantly. I doubt there will be very much left by the end of the day. I hope they don’t get sore bellies from all the fruit!

As it was so windy, I didn’t have the doors open too long. I managed to get a couple of good shots and then closed off the wind and am now just enjoying watching the birds through the closed window. It’s a bit like watching the fish in their aquarium! The pink in the images is our red tulip tree in full bloom.

It was almost as if one of the birds decided to pose for me for a short while so I could get my shots and then leave them alone – which is exactly what I did. I am now eyeing up our huge empty back yard wondering what I need to plant to attract other bird species to our garden. Why stop with the waxeyes? I want bellbirds and fantails and…  

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