Here in Wellington there are several different taxi companies, all very easy to identify by the signage on their white cars. Well most of them are white, there is one green cab company and indeed their cars are green. In Melbourne however we found that things are a little different. For a start, the cars are all yellow, with the exception of the ones with green tops. But the different companies have names like Silver Top and Black Top as well as the Green Top cabs. Ok, so then you would expect to see these colours on the top of the cabs just like the green ones yes? Wrong. The silver top cabs are just yellow and so are the black tops!

I promised more photos from the Masquerade and here they are. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of entries into the competition so there isn’t a huge amount of different costumes to show you. It was also difficult to photograph them in the theatre without either a tripod or a flash (flash photography wasn’t permitted) but I coped. At the end of the masquerade they bought all the contestants back on stage for a photo opportunity and it was a major free for all. The crowds around the bottom of the stage with their cameras didn’t allow too many clear shots but again I got a few. I was a little disappointed in the whole masquerade, we were expecting way more than we saw.

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