I am a little disappointed in the photos I took at the Whitford Bird Garden, it was very dark and the lens I was using just wasn’t up to the task. That said I have some more to show you today. There is one of a very deadly plant – one touch and it can kill you with anaphylactic shock depending on how alergic you are to it. It is far enough off the track that you really would have to seek it out to touch it, but definitely not a plant I would like to have in my garden.

Ongaonga or Tree Nettle

When we were being shown around the gardens by Blake, I asked him if he had any frogs in the pond. I am still wanting to get a shot of a frog peeping up through weed in a pond. Before our hour was up, Blake was back with a net and in it was a frog for us to photograph. Now that is customer service!! The frog was lucky to escape being run over by the lawn mower.

If there was one bit of advice I would offer to visitors of this garden it would be to use insect repellant. I didn’t and I have big red blotches all over my legs. The mosquitos were large and vicious and they seemed to like my  blood the best – none of the others with us got bitten at all – my legs on the other hand look like a bad case of chicken pox and itch something chronic!

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