We arrived at low tide and everything was green! Not what I am used to seeing at low tide, usually it is a muddy brown wet sand look. I don’t know what has caused it but there has been a sudden growth of all things green under the water and come low tide it is like a green carpet.

All the weed was causing the white-faced heron some trouble as it searched for food in the shallow pools. Usually stirring up the sand will reveal dinner but this time it was dinner with greens! It didn’t stop the heron from actually finding something to eat, but you could see it was struggling a bit more than normal.

The swans on the other hand like the weed and there was a good number of them out in the distance nibbling away at it. Must have looked like a banquet to them! Still nothing could entice me away from the tui in the flax bush once I had found them.

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