Some days you really just can’t get motivated to do anything and when its cold, wet and the middle of winter it gets even harder. I am sure that if I didn’t have this blog to keep me going I most certainly would not have braved the cold as much as I have so far. The blog gives me a reason to be out there.

It doesn’t matter if the images I shoot are not that great, what matter is that I am out there every weekend taking photos. Practice makes perfect and I intend to get a whole lot of practice. Every now and then I will shoot an image that stands out and that’s great. Those are the images I will enter into competitions and such like, the rest are still a part of the process. For one to stand out, it needs there to be others to stand out from.

This weekend I have an indoor shoot on the one day when the weather report says it might be fine but hey, you don’t know what the weather is doing when you book dates. I have two lovely burlesque models to photograph in all their finery. Hopefully we will be able to come up with some cute pin up shots to show you.

I plan on exploring some more of the new camera’s special features and try playing with a couple of different lenses for this shoot. It will a good opportunity to experiement.

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