It’s not just people that I like to photograph, I am a keen nature photographer too. Over the past year I have spent a good deal of time shooting butterflies at Butterfly Creek near the Auckland Airport. With cheap airfares available, it’s not a bad day trip from Wellington. The butterfly house is temperature controlled with very high humidity so it can get somewhat uncomfortable if you stay in there too long. I have found that a ten minute break too cool off and I am ready to go back in. I was lucky in that my camera didn’t fog up at all – my glasses were a different matter!

Closer to home at the Pauatahanui Wildlife Reserve I have been photographing damselflies. A friend from the Camera Club that I belong to introduced me to them just recently. They are so quick when they are moving that you can easily miss them.

Next weekend we are heading up to Waikanai where there is the Nga Manu Nature Reserve. My aim is to get a good fantail shot while I am there but they are tricky little birds to capture with the camera so I am not sure of my chances.

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